Wednesday, August 11, 2010


all alone in the moonlight
i smile at the old days
i was beautiful then

stranger things have happened
times arent like they used to be
i was a stranger once

this time its different

baby things dont change
people change

change with me
adventure with me
i miss you
te extrano mucho
te amo mi amor

kiss me once and kiss me twice
then kiss me once again

dont believe that you cannot succeed
only believe that you will achieve
just breathe
and be

think of me

midnight comes again

Monday, August 02, 2010


sometimes i come here and i just stare at nothingness...

sometimes the words just cant excape my mouth, or they dont want to leave the safety of my throat...

sometimes i think that this new day will be different, somehow things will change, people will be good, my life shifts upright...

sometimes is only some time, and if time is relative and only an imaginary constant, and some of it i grip in my hand like a pencil when i write, too much is lost in time...

sometimes i watch the clock, thinking of the words, dreaming of that moment, once again losing mySelf in a place that doesnt exist to anyone but me...

and sometimes i just wait. i can receive it now, or i can patiently wait. the choice is MINE.


Friday, July 16, 2010

soul searching/finding

who will save your soul?
if you won't save your own...

everyday sun rays guide me to the light and everynight the shadows in darkness protect my soul.

me and god god and me we are one

omnimahshivaya shanti peace peace peace

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i dont really know what to say at this point.

i feel very hurt -- not by you, but by my own stupidity.

i let my mind run away with a fantasy.

i feel hollow, an empty space that was recently full of excitement.

as disappointment fills my cup, once half full, to the brink of spilling over. and now i can see the rim of the glass, so thin and fragile, so vulnerable. that same rim that seemed just moments ago to be able to hold the entire world! to be strong, solid, confident.  

how could i allow this to happen? i didnt. my life is not in my control. this is the universe doing exactly what i need. everything happens for a reason, but the reasons dont burst this clear bubble of ugh that surrounds my head and gut, at alternating times throughout the day.

onward and upward! seize the moment! capture the flag! get back on that horse! run, dont walk! the world is my oyster... but i dont think i have ever eaten oysters. with that, where is my fucking pearl? i know. his name is Jesus. and tomorrow he will be seven years old. well, technically, 49. old man ;) 

this is my path. i chose to allow the infinite universe to guide me through the darkness. 

i am strong. i am beautiful. i am exactly where i need to be, doing exactly what i should. 

thank you.

Friday, June 25, 2010

give infinitely

"give, give and give, infinitely"

when you give you lose nothing at all for you have received life itself - the whole universe - without paying.

you are the unique son or daughter of the infinite universe; it creates, animates, destroys, and reproduces everything necessary for you.

if you know this, everything will come to you in abundance.

from Zen Macrobiotics, by George Ohsawa

Philosophy in the Orient is the heart of teaching the constitution of the infinite universe, the kingdom of heaven. Its sole purpose is to help woman to understand this constitution so that she can realize her freedom, happiness, and health for herself and by herself.

The conception of the world and life, the constitution of the infinite universe, is translated first of all biologically and then physiologically. This is a firm foundation of all religions of the Orient.

Without living by these principles, one cannot understand or gain strength from one's religion and its teachings, a fact largely ignored by Western theologies.

If religions as a whole have lost their authority through the centuries, it is because of the neglect or ignorance of this same foundation. Accordingly, peace, freedom, health, and happiness are vanishing all over the world.

Jesus said:

If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
... ye shall say unto this mountain,
"remove hence to yonder place,"
and it shall remove;
and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

If you have faith, nothing shall be impossible to you.
If something is impossible to you, you have not as much faith as a grain of mustard seed.
Crimes, hostility, poverty, wars, and especially so-called incurable illness are all the end result of a lack of faith.

Happiness or unhappiness depends upon our behavior which is in turn controlled by our judgment. Faith is the solid foundation upon which judgment rises. 

Faith is judgment in infinity.

me an da buddha

buddha said, life is suffering.

i say, happiness is living.

DIVINE LIVING. everyday baby.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Jesus' new look" dedicated to the strongest dawg on the planet

three is better than four...

unique! attention-grabbing! different!
even with one in a splint. ;)

the best things in life come along in threes...
sometimes they drift in with the breeze...

three has magical powers like wishes!
so his nose gets three sweet kisses...

number three is a prime,
and all things heal with time...

past, present, future, three is balanced,
stay strong, be brave, live valiant.

three is...

better than four.

a mi JBR. amor y amistad por siempre. usted es mi roca, mi alegría, y mi chispa. te amo mucho.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

im just a soul whos intentions are good

oh LORD, please dont let me be MISunderstood


hey you, look up

jus what do you see

let 'em know whatsup
who you really wanna be

chin on your chest
think youre the best

find your own tree
remember: look up
...jus BE

Friday, May 21, 2010

the strength within us

sometimes the hardest things come from the softest places.

when we least expect it, is when it arrives.

simple is not always easy.

and easy is not always difficult.

there is a middle ground, a grey area, for life.

this is where i choose to exist.
somewhere between the rock, the hard place, and heaven.

god and me, me and god, we are one.
i am divinity, presence, and bliss.
i exist not to be, but i seek to be to exist.
be happy.
dont worry.
the universe provides...

Friday, May 14, 2010

colors of love


Saturday, May 08, 2010

tribute to fish

give a woman a fish; she will eat for a night.
teach a woman to fish; she will eat for life.

recently eating fish again.
time for fishing season :)
i like the idea that we can eat what we spend hours of energy trying to out-smart.
its a wonderful game, an ancient one, that only few still play, and fewer succeed with... and still fewer understand the complexity. fish are smart...

fish are strange creatures...
smart fish beautiful and intelligent fish graze the deep fish simply exist fish we mustn't keep. but fish are dee-lish! fish are rich fish radient scales shine and glisten smooth like polyester with sequins.

fish are like men, plenty.
fish are hard to hold, slippery.
fish become lies, stories.
fish measure depth, deeper.
fish beg for attention, compliment.

A fish made a wish.
A wish for a gift.
A gift of faith.
A faith so true.
A truth so pure.
A purity of wonder.
A wonder of beauty.
A beauty of a fish.
A beautiful fish made a wish.

thank you, fish.

last night

cold feet
warm hands

sheets of ice
curl like ribbon

days length
nights depth

thoughts fade
until tomorrow.

Friday, May 07, 2010

blog smile :)

well, hello old friend. so we meet again...

it is funny to re-read some things that i wrote so long ago. refreshing like a time machine.

i forgot about this blog i created until i read a blog by my naturopath and posted a response, bringing me back to this site and my own blog.


this universe works in mysterious ways...

hmm... ill share my latest:

her heart is smiling!
it smiles when even
i cannot see it...
my heart hides its
smile so well, covered
from sight with a big, wide smile

my smile hides
my hearts smile
by a mile, but only
for a while, teeth
like tile, makes others
wanna smile


think ill write again... ttfn
~thanks and love to the all providing universe :)