Saturday, May 08, 2010

tribute to fish

give a woman a fish; she will eat for a night.
teach a woman to fish; she will eat for life.

recently eating fish again.
time for fishing season :)
i like the idea that we can eat what we spend hours of energy trying to out-smart.
its a wonderful game, an ancient one, that only few still play, and fewer succeed with... and still fewer understand the complexity. fish are smart...

fish are strange creatures...
smart fish beautiful and intelligent fish graze the deep fish simply exist fish we mustn't keep. but fish are dee-lish! fish are rich fish radient scales shine and glisten smooth like polyester with sequins.

fish are like men, plenty.
fish are hard to hold, slippery.
fish become lies, stories.
fish measure depth, deeper.
fish beg for attention, compliment.

A fish made a wish.
A wish for a gift.
A gift of faith.
A faith so true.
A truth so pure.
A purity of wonder.
A wonder of beauty.
A beauty of a fish.
A beautiful fish made a wish.

thank you, fish.

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