Wednesday, August 11, 2010


all alone in the moonlight
i smile at the old days
i was beautiful then

stranger things have happened
times arent like they used to be
i was a stranger once

this time its different

baby things dont change
people change

change with me
adventure with me
i miss you
te extrano mucho
te amo mi amor

kiss me once and kiss me twice
then kiss me once again

dont believe that you cannot succeed
only believe that you will achieve
just breathe
and be

think of me

midnight comes again

Monday, August 02, 2010


sometimes i come here and i just stare at nothingness...

sometimes the words just cant excape my mouth, or they dont want to leave the safety of my throat...

sometimes i think that this new day will be different, somehow things will change, people will be good, my life shifts upright...

sometimes is only some time, and if time is relative and only an imaginary constant, and some of it i grip in my hand like a pencil when i write, too much is lost in time...

sometimes i watch the clock, thinking of the words, dreaming of that moment, once again losing mySelf in a place that doesnt exist to anyone but me...

and sometimes i just wait. i can receive it now, or i can patiently wait. the choice is MINE.