Friday, June 25, 2010

from Zen Macrobiotics, by George Ohsawa

Philosophy in the Orient is the heart of teaching the constitution of the infinite universe, the kingdom of heaven. Its sole purpose is to help woman to understand this constitution so that she can realize her freedom, happiness, and health for herself and by herself.

The conception of the world and life, the constitution of the infinite universe, is translated first of all biologically and then physiologically. This is a firm foundation of all religions of the Orient.

Without living by these principles, one cannot understand or gain strength from one's religion and its teachings, a fact largely ignored by Western theologies.

If religions as a whole have lost their authority through the centuries, it is because of the neglect or ignorance of this same foundation. Accordingly, peace, freedom, health, and happiness are vanishing all over the world.

Jesus said:

If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
... ye shall say unto this mountain,
"remove hence to yonder place,"
and it shall remove;
and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

If you have faith, nothing shall be impossible to you.
If something is impossible to you, you have not as much faith as a grain of mustard seed.
Crimes, hostility, poverty, wars, and especially so-called incurable illness are all the end result of a lack of faith.

Happiness or unhappiness depends upon our behavior which is in turn controlled by our judgment. Faith is the solid foundation upon which judgment rises. 

Faith is judgment in infinity.

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