Friday, March 22, 2013

Vernal Equinox

Spring is here... A time of new beginnings...
So I make my magick egg :)
I dye it blue for Peace and Serenity, and fill it with a citrine crystal, cinnamon chips, and bay leaves for Prosperity and Healing. I seal it with red wax for Love. It lays on my alter, a symbol of birth, life, creation and creativity, of new beginnings.

Darkness hovers. The early dawn sends invitation: it is time. We are ready to begin. As I strike my sceptre into the ground, a bright sparkling golden light shoots from the bottom of my staff into the ground, bringing fertility to the earth and sprouting new life beneath me. The top of my wooden staff radiates a beautiful glittering aura, encircling myself and all those near and dear to me. I gently arch my back, tilt my head, and gaze up to the heavens in gratitude; bending over, I scoop up a handful of soil, placing one hand over the other, cupping the cool moist earth, giving my blessings for the coming season. As the soil falls back to earth between my fingertips, I Rise, empowered by the Divine Light to embark on this new adventure. The fire of light surrounding me pulsates with each breathe, swirling and thickening as it reaches the corners of me.
I breathe deeply. And breathe again. This place, this now, this life, is perfect. Complete. There is nothing more that I require. My feet grounded, my sex satisfied, my belly filled, my heart open, my breathe quality; my vision is clear. This is the beginning.

And so I begin . . .

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