Friday, March 29, 2013

Best alarm clock ever

My alarm goes off at 7am pretty much every morning.

It starts off with a sniffle near my head and slowly progresses to a kind of whimpered exhale.

I am awake, but I may or may not acknowledge.

If I don't pay proper or satisfactory recognition, suddenly there is a jump and a thump and I am joined in bed by a 40 lb tripod Jesus and either Scorpion or Lobster.

Wake up! They say. We have to pee and its time to start your day!
(Scorpion can't actually relieve himself, but he partakes in the ambush anyway)

Buhhhhhh, yes, yes, its dawn. A new day. I stretch, he streches, we all stretch.

I yawn. He yawns. I contemplate going back to sleep. He army-crawls a bit closer to my head and rolls around a bit so his body weight and positioning leaves me no drift-back-to-sleep room.

Damn. I'm awake. His soft fur and warm body make me smile. He knows he's won. He pounces on Scorpion and gives an excited snort of triumph, throwing his head back. Is he laughing at me?

Oh-kay-... The words have barely left my mouth and he is leaping off the bed and scrambling for the back door.

Hurry, hurry, he squeals. There might be a squirrel in my yard and I'm going to bark really loudly at it! His giddy grin from across the room forces an audible laugh from my belly.

I throw the covers back, giving them a little shake to expell any residing dog hairs. (He's really not allowed on the bed)

Another day has begun with Jesus warming my heart. I am grateful for his daily wake up mission. He is a special and very loved dog.

Easter is Sunday and I cannot help wonder how my morning alarm and the resurrection of Christ can be twisted into some funny dharma for my class on Sunday. I'll have to play with that.

Maybe I will make Jesus an Easter basket...


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Margie said...

Sweet furry baby :)

Greetings from Denver Co.