Monday, December 10, 2012

Bright, Shiny, Sparkling Newness

You know that feeling? Yeah, you know it. Those New things that make your heart beat faster and your nerves energize. Your mind fogs and your eyes fail to focus on anything else. Your gut is a little woosy, in a good way. You're so excited about each little moment, and you cling to words, touches, gestures like they were precious gifts. So much to take in! So many details to remember!

They say the best things in life are free... Well, the best things in my life are New. New moments like this. New times like these. New people like you. Newness.

Bright, Shiny, Sparkling Newness!

Not to discount Oldy, But Goody. OBG is just as important; safe, reliable, comfortable, There. But the thrill of Newness often outweighs the stability of OBG.

Newness is interesting, intriguing, inviting. But Newness is blindingly bright and can blindside. And begs for attention.

Do not let the sparkle fool you, there is so much relying on that gleam. So much banking on the glitz. Know that behind every Newness there is OBG waiting.

Newness appears when you least expect it. Out of the blue, poof, its New. Newness is a gift from the Universe because you needed it.

See what Newness can hold for you, what lies within it. Explore the Newness for what it is and isn't. Love the Newness. It loves you!

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