Monday, August 01, 2011

Broke a Nail mudra

I created my own mudra <3 

I call it: Broke a Fingernail mudra. Its easy to do: 
Hold your hands in front of you, viewing the backs of both your hands, fingers spread. 
For each broken fingernail, bend your finger at the large knuckle 
(You can bend the knuckle for any finger that you feel needs special attention) ;)

Its effects are a deeper appreciation for what you have, the present moment; allows for clarity in the mind for more focusing on slower down, being careful, to be full of grace; a unique, personal mudra, done with attention to specifics or broad, held for the length of time you feel you can let go of the idea of having fingernails and breaking them, all your hard work to maintain them, and remain in the present moment. Creates intimate energetic bond of respect with hands, nails, and ultimately, yourSelf.

Ahhh.... Makes breaking a nail soooo much better.

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