Wednesday, August 13, 2008

blog blog

:) I wonder if smiley faces are appropriate? Will my blog be taken seriously for attempting to effectively express emotion while spewing words into my fingers and hoping they are read as I intended?

Another thought on that note: writing and editing are found in different form in the Internet world; many new words and acronyms have been created by our new technologies like txt msging and IMing that don't necessarily follow traditional methods of the written word.
Also, isn't blogging supposed to be free and open and not bound by the same restrictions of the scholarly print world? I am new to this, but I think I am right...

I think I am right because online, in or on the Internet, the World Wide Web, is a world completely separate from that which we know now. Like the incredible differences between the ocean world and the land world, as is the physical world and the digital world.
This question then follows: In this new world, do we ground ourselves with constraints from the previous world?
I think we -- or at least I -- will begin in this new world with a foundation of past knowledge about grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, and then quickly adapt my behaviors, beliefs, and actions to what is best in the Internet Environment.

for me, that means no capitalizing i ... in fact, no capitalizing much of anything unless it is felt at that time that it should be. words and sentences can become what they are - a stream of my consciousness in the Net world.

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